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FLIP in an online insurance program designed to respond to the specific needs of the food vending, food trailer, and food distributing industries by offering the most affordable liability insurance without sacrificing coverage.


  • 12 Month Coverage
  • General Liability
  • Products & Completed Operations Coverage
  • Damage to Premises Rented
  • Business Personal Property Coverage
  • Free Additional Insureds
Catering insurance

Catering insurance

Guarantee your insurance covers your liability and equipment as you prepare, deliver, and serve food at multiple locations.

Farmers market insurance

Farmers market

Participating in farmers markets is a great opportunity for your business, and FLIP supplies the liability coverage you need.

Food carts insurance

Food carts

Your food cart is your business: insure your liability and equipment from any incidents that may occur.

Food trailers insurance

Food trailers

FLIP offers non-premise specific liability insurance so your coverages travel with you. Food trailer endorsements available.

Personal/private chef insurance

Personal / Private Chef

Whether you work from home or work at multiple venues, FLIP has insurance that covers your work at any location.

Concessions insurance


Whether you sell hot dogs, candy, kettle corn, or any other food, FLIP provides the coverages you need.

Flip provides insurance for a large variety of food, concession, & beverage businesses.

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What is FLIP?

FLIP was created to offer the most affordable liability insurance to food vendors without sacrificing coverage. By creating an online program, long and expensive underwriting processes were shortened, allowing FLIP to offer quality insurance policies at reduced prices compared to more traditional methods of processing. In addition, the online presence gives food vendors more control over their policies at their convenience.